Is Accountability Dead?Listen now (63 min) | Philip K. Howard joins the group to discuss his book on public sector unions. The panel — with special guest Cathy Young — also addresses Trump's possible indictment and looks back at the 20th anniversary of the start of the Iraq War. highlights/lowlights
Bragging RightsListen now (70 min) | Ken White (Popehat) joins the panel to consider the wisdom of the Manhattan DA's Trump indictment, as well as DeSantis joining the…
The Pro-Storming-the-Capitol PartyListen now (57 min) | A.B. Stoddard joins the group to discuss the Fox News retcon of January 6, whether Biden should/will run again, and "messaging…
Chicago's MessageListen now (55 min) | Axios's Josh Kraushaar helps analyze the lab leak story, the Chicago election results, and Trump v. DeSantis. highlights/lowlights…
The North Koreans Do a More Nuanced ShowListen now (65 min) | Ad-free edition.
Is Everyone Underestimating Nikki Haley?Listen now (55 min) | Bill Kristol joins the group to consider Haley's possible hidden strengths. Also, Biden, the GOP, and the war in Ukraine…
State of Biden Is . . . Strong? But Kamala Harris, Not So MuchListen now (59 min) | New York Magazine's Jonathan Chait helps evaluate the SOTU: politics, visuals, and substance. The group then considers Kamala…
What if DeSantis Can't Hack It?Listen now (52 min) | New episode alert.
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